I was supposed to have company today. I’ve been up with the birds, cleaning my house to make sure that everything sparkles. My Mom and Dad were coming for a visit, which was long past due. My house is always clean, but Mom is a fanatic! When she comes….I kick myself into High Gear! A call from my Mom changed all of that suddenly. My Dad is right down sick with a flu bug. He’s been through a lot lately. He has been recovering from Cancer, then had a serious heart attack, which led to heart surgery. He certainly doesn’t deserve the flu! I’m sorry Dad….I’m sending you and Mom Hugs!
It’s nice to have a snack sitting around, that people can just grab and enjoy. I had a brick of white chocolate lurking in my cupboards, that I wanted to use. I also had some salted mixed nuts, and toffee chips that were calling my name. Sometimes simple is the best! Simply pop your popcorn, and use a real popper, if at all possible… not the hot air kind….it’s much, much better. Season the popcorn with a little sea salt. Drizzle your warm white chocolate over the popcorn and toss until well coated. Toss in your salted mixed nuts, and sprinkle the toffee chips over the popcorn mixture and toss well. There you have it….the perfect mix of salty and sweet. A Scrumptious addicting snack!
The mix of Salty and Sweet is really yummy.
Adding the toffee bits, tastes like Caramel Corn,
with a white chocolate glaze!
So simple.

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