It’s simply amazing what you can create with a Ritz Cracker, Peanut Butter, Marshmallows and warm white chocolate! I posted this recipe a long time ago, but decided to make them last night. They were a perfect treat after the BBQ Pork chops. Even my hubbie will eat one or two of these. That’s all you will need, because they are so rich. The kids will enjoy helping you make these. You can use a large marshmallow, or several small ones like I did. I happened to be out of the large size, so I improvised. Drizzle the warm white chocolate over the top, or use semi or milk chocolate as well. We made these almost nightly when I was in college. No wonder girls tend to gain ten pounds or more the first year!

This is all you will need.
A little chocolate as well….but that’s optional

Be generous with your Peanut Butter
Be generous with your mini marshmallows,
use one large one instead

Now place under the broiler in your oven
Watch Carefully….not to burn!
Drizzle with warm chocolate if you like……

#1. Take a pkg of Ritz crackers. Spread one cracker generously with Peanut Butter. Place crackers on cookie sheet. Top with a large marshmallow, or several small ones. Place under broiler in oven, until marshmallow is golden brown. Drizzle with warm white chocolate (opt) Pop in your mouth & say…..”Oh My Delicious!” TRY THESE AS WELL:

 #2 Take a pkg of Ritz crackers. Spread one cracker generously with Peanut Butter. Top with another Ritz cracker. Place cracker on top of a fork, & dip in melted White Chocolate. Place on wax paper to cool. Drizzle a swirl of Milk Chocolate over the top. These are so yummy and so pretty, when packaged in cellophane, one on top of the other, and tied with a bow!