When I dive into one of the cherished cookbooks that grace the shelves of my kitchen, I’m always drawn to recipes that contain the word chocolate. My mind however, is always kicked back to reality by my conscience.

If I have any hopes that my fruit loving husband will eat anything that comes out of the oven, it can’t appear to have chocolate anywhere near it.  He says . . . that he doesn’t mind chocolate, but he rarely eats chocolate. This just doesn’t add up to me!  So today, I made something from my childhood memories that my sweet Mom made often. They didn’t hang around the kitchen very long.

These Glazed Raisin Squares are filled with raisins, nuts and spices.  The aroma that circles your head and wakens your senses, are reason enough to make them.  I didn’t add chocolate chips to the batter . . . but surely you could.  In fact, when my Mom made these, she had to leave out the nuts for my Dad.  I’ve decided that keeping our hubbies happy, is a chore! A good chore, that I surely wouldn’t want to be without.

Glazed Raisin Squares

When I makes these squares, I like to use a 9×9 inch baking pan.  It makes them a bit thicker.  If you want to use a 9×13″ pan or even a large cookie sheet, you will need to double the recipe.

I also line the pan with foil, then spray the foil with cooking spray.  This makes cutting the squares so simple.  When the pan is cool, simply lift the whole thing out of the pan, and peel the edges of the foil away.

Take a sharp knife, and cut the cake into small squares . . . or large ones if you like!

Place your squares on a large piece of parchment paper. Drizzle the Vanilla glaze over the top of the squares. You can also frost before you cut the squares if you like. Serve right away, or store in a well sealed container. They will stay moist and yummy for several days.

FYI:  On Wednesday the 20th, my server is doing some updating.  This might mean that my site will be off-line for an hour or so.  I will be posting on Wednesday though, so please check back if it looks like I’m missing in action



  • 3/4 cup raisins
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup liquid from simmered raisins
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup shortening or butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 3/4 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 3/4 teaspoon soda


  1. For the Raisin squares:
  2. In a med. saucepan, measure 1 cup water and 3/4 cup raisins. Bring this mixture to a slow boil over medium heat. Turn the heat to low, and let simmer gently for about 10 minutes. (I watch until the liquid has reduced to about 1/2 cup measure)
  3. Let this cool.
  4. Cream the sugar and the shortening or butter until light & fluffy. Add the egg and the vanilla and mix well. Add the dry ingredients alternately with the reserved 1/2 cup liquid from the raisins. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until done in the center. Use a toothpick, and poke it down in the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, the bars are ready. Cool on a wire rack, then glaze.
  5. For the Vanilla Glaze: Heat butter in saucepan until melted, or melt butter in microwave. Stir in powdered sugar and vanilla. Stir in water, cream or milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, until glaze is of desired consistency.



  • Beth - 04/18/2011 - 6:23 pm

    I looove desserts like this, so comforting and delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne @ - 04/18/2011 - 6:41 pm

    Ooh, I can almost smell them now! It’s funny how we want to keep out husbands happy 🙂 Great job making a recipe without chocolate – I’m with you, couldn’t live without the stuff!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - 04/18/2011 - 9:33 pm

    I would have to leave the nuts out for my non nut lover of a husband too. Seriously…what is up with that!??? ; DReplyCancel

  • Megan - 04/19/2011 - 11:20 am

    I am out of raisins but am wondering if crasins would work?ReplyCancel

    • Jonna - 04/19/2011 - 11:25 am

      Hi Megan,
      I think that they would be fabulous. Dried Cherries or apricots would also be really good.

  • Sherry - 04/19/2011 - 1:33 pm

    I hate leaving nuts out of recipes for people who don’t like them, even though nuts will make it genuinely better! I love that vanilla glaze. I bet I could drink it…ReplyCancel

  • Susan Porter - 04/19/2011 - 2:28 pm

    Jonna, Dick is going to think he is in HEAVEN!!!! He likes chocolate, but raisens are his absolute fav!!!! Sherie S’s Raisen Filled Cookies, my Mom’s Oatmeal Raisen, that are soft and cakelike. Can’t wait to try them. Have you been to Evanston lately???ReplyCancel

    • Jonna - 04/19/2011 - 3:13 pm

      Hi Susan,
      Dick sounds just like Kenny! In fact about the only cookie that he really likes, is the Applesauce Cookies filled with raisins & nuts.
      Go figure!ReplyCancel

  • L Fayth - 12/22/2011 - 1:57 pm

    Great recipe. Heading to an Xmas potluck on Saturday and was looking for a recipe without any nuts just in case of allergies. Just found my dessertReplyCancel

  • Sandy - 09/19/2012 - 6:59 am

    The recipe didn’t mention nuts but your comments said this recipe had nuts in it. What kind of nuts did you use and how much?ReplyCancel