SKILLET COOKIES. . . family favorite

One of my favorites is Skillet Cookies. These are a cross between a cookie and a candy. My Grandma South used to make these, and all who were present would fight over them! Even those of you who don’t care for dates, will still like these cookies. They are actually cooked in a skillet, on top of the stove. The hardest part, when cooking these, is knowing when they are done. I have included pictures for you, as a guide. Enjoy!

1 square Marg. or butter
1 cup sugar
3 eggs whipped frothy
1 cup chopped dates
1 cup chopped nuts
2 cups rice krispies
1 tsp. vanilla
Start by chopping your dates.
Melt your butter on Low heat
In a medium sized boil, whip your eggs until frothy.

Add your sugar, and stir well
Pour the sugar, butter mixture into the melted butter and stir continuously
Stir in your chopped dates.
Stir in the chopped nuts (optional)
Stir constantly over LOW heat until you know that sugar is very dissolved. The mixture should be very smooth & not grainy at all. Once all sugar is dissolved, turn your heat to MED. Continue stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and turns a light caramel color.
This will take bout 15 – 20 minutes of stirring on medium heat.
When mixture is a nice thick caramel color, add 1 tsp. pure vanilla.
Add your Rice Krispies & stir, just until coated.
Let this mixture cool in pan, until you can easily form walnut size balls, in palm of hands. Grease the palms of your hands with butter or margarine before forming balls.

Roll the Balls in Coconut & layer between wax paper in tightly sealed container.

These will keep for several days if sealed well.