Lately . . . I seem to mini-ize everything.

I’m just sure that’s not a real word, but it seems to fit.

It’s “two bites” of heaven.

If you have a big mouth . . . then you get “one bite” of heaven! 

 I couldn’t resist taking a bite myself.

Well . . . two bites . . . NO big mouths in this house!


In my last Post, I used some delicious Bavarian Cream and haven’t used it all up yet.  I simply had to find another way to incorporate it into another dessert.  You could just drink it from the tube that it comes in, but that probably wouldn’t be proper.  That pop of red you see, is Raspberry filling . . . Also from Prepared Pantry.  When you combine the two flavors together in a crispy Mini Fillo Shell it really is scrumptious.  I decided that it needed something extra, and whipped up a batch of Meringue.  Toast the top with a torch . . . “Pure Heaven!”

Let me show you how easy to create something so beautiful.

I’ve had these shells lurking in my freezer for awhile now.

Phyllo, filo, or fillo  dough is paper-thin sheets of raw, unleavened flour dough used for making pastries.

The Bavarian Cream and the Raspberry filling is from the prepared pantry.

It really does go a long way, and keeps very well in the fridge.

Once you have baked your cups – they are ready to fill.

I’ve also made delicious appetizers with these yummy fillo cups as well.

(Fillo filled with a combination of Sausage & Bacon is quite yummy)

Fill the cups with Bavarian Cream.

Now top that cream with a dab of Raspberry filling or Strawberry or Chocolate . . . you get the idea.

You could also use Pie filling from the grocery store.  Cherry or blueberry would also be good.

If you are using a filling that has big berries . . . mash them up a bit, before topping the cream.

Now . . . You could leave them just like they are, or top them with Whipped Cream.

I decided to make meringue . . . it’s easy.

3 egg whites, 1 cup of white Sugar, and 1 teaspoon Cornstarch.

I could have used my Kitchen Aid, but I wanted to show you that a electric hand mixer will also work.

Let your egg whites come to room temperature before you begin.

With your mixer, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.

Now . . . Very slowly – just a bit at a time . . . add your sugar.

Beat until stiff peaks form.  This will take about 10 to 12 minutes.

Then add 1 teaspoon of Cornstarch and continue beating for at least 1 more minute.

This isn’t quite ready . . . it’s stiff not not stiff enough!

When you pull the beaters out of the bowl….you should have stiff peaks, that will stick to the beaters.

Once your meringue is ready, put it inside a pastry bag with any tip that you like.

I like to put the Pastry Bag inside of a tall cup . . . It makes it simple to fill.

Now you are ready to pipe that beautiful Meringue on top of the Cream & Berry mixture.

Here comes the fun part.

You might have one of those fancy torches that come from Baking Supply Stores.

I just steal my Hubbies from the Garage!

Light that puppy . . . but don’t burn your eyebrows off.  I did that once.

A little bit of flames goes a LONG WAY!

Holding it an inch or so above your meringue, brown it until it is golden beautiful.

Turn Off the Torch – so you don’t burn the house down.

EAT! . . . You’ll think you died and went to HEAVEN.

  • ceecee - 01/11/2011 - 2:38 pm

    These look delicious and decadent! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brandi - 01/11/2011 - 4:32 pm

    THOSE LOOK LIKE HEAVEN!!! Yum…I am going to have to try those.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - 01/13/2011 - 9:50 am

    I love that you used your husbands torch! I thought that sort of torch would be to intense, but you torched those tarts beautifully. I think I am going to follow your lead and do the exact same thing!ReplyCancel