My daughter Danielle asked me to post a scone recipe, and so I figured I might as well make them the today!  As I was trying to decide which scone recipe to make, I decided to do as I usually do and make my Favorite White Bread, as well as scones….. with the same recipe.  This recipe has yeast for a rising agent, and my other scone recipe, that I only use for scones, uses Baking Powder.  Both recipes are delicious, but with this recipe you can have hot buttery scones as well as melt in your mouth perfect Bread from the oven.  I halved the original recipe today, and made 2 large loaves of bread and still have enough dough for probably 20 good size scones.  What better gift to take to a friend or neighbor – a plate of scones with honey butter, or a hot loaf of bread with homemade jam!  This recipe has been my all time favorite White Bread.  My baker friend Kelly Jane passed this to me about 25 years ago!……KJ…..we are old!
I like scones with butter and Currant jelly.
You can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them
serve them with Honey Butter
Now….doesn’t that bread look good!
The rest of my pictures are going to stink….no time to edit them.
I still have to make Chili… come back tomorrow.
Chili and Scones for Dinner tonight.
I always start with the yeast mixture.
This way it has risen when you are ready for it.
Make sure that you use quite warm water…..not hot though.
Today…..I’m actually going to use my KitchenAid Mixer.
If I was following the full recipe, instead of halving it….I couldn’t use this.
I like to use a very large measuring cup to begin.
Add your eggs to the warm water, and with a fork blend it well.
Now measure out your powdered milk.
Add this powdered milk to the water, egg mixture.
Oh golly…..look at my yeast rising beautifully!
Now add your oil, salt and sugar
remember… measurements are half a recipe!
Add that entire mixture to your mixing bowl or mixer bowl.
Now add part of the flour…..
I usually add half of what it calls for
Mix, mix, mix
Now I add the yeast.
Mix, mix, mix
Start by adding in the rest of the flour…..but,
1 cup at a time now!
It’s not ready…
it doesn’t have enough flour yet.
How can I tell?
It is sticky, and itsn’t pulling away from the sides of the bowl.
Now it’s ready.
See how it’s a nice soft ball,
that has pulled away from the sides of my mixing bowl.
Empty that big ball of dough out onto your counter top.
I knead it just a minute or two, to make sure that I have it just right.
Put the dough into a nice large bowl, with a lid
See….I told you I always use my dryer.
Fluff some nice clean large towels in the dryer on high,
until they are nice and hot.
Open the dryer door, arrange the towels a bit at the bottom.
Place your well sealed dough on top of those towels.
Close the dryer door.
DON’T…….turn on the dryer.
Just let the dough sit in the warm enviornment,
Until the dough is DOUBLE IN SIZE.
My dough is ready!
Punch down the dough.
Cuss a little…just under your breath….don’t let anyone hear you!
This is a great way to release any aggression you might be feeling.
I’m going to make loaves of bread with part of my dough.
2 large loafs to be exact.
I just divided my big ball into thirds.  (3 balls)
Shape your dough, and place into greased loaf pans.
Make sure that all the seams are “SEAM SIDE DOWN”
Mine are rising by a warm fire.
While they are rising!
Now prepare for scones…’s easy.
Flour your work surface.
Roll a ball of dough out about 1/4 inch thick.
I must hurry…..
My bread is rising very quickly.
Get your oven preheated to 400 degrees.
Remember….you will turn this temperature down after 10 minutes of baking!
I use a pizza cutter to make my squares.
My Grandmother always just took a piece of dough,
and stretched it into a circle.
You choose your method.
Take about 3 square of dough,
place in a pan of hot oil….I like medium High heat.
You can take a little piece of dough to test the temperature of the oil first.
If the oil is too hot, the scones won’t be done inside.
It the oil is too cold….they will be greasy.
That’s why you do a tester!
Look how they puff up….
Be careful now….
Flip them over to brown on the other side.
Place the hot scones on a plate lined with paper towels,
This will absorb any extra grease.
You are watching your calories…..REMEMBER?
Now……dress those beautiful hot scones any way you like them.
I used butter and Currant Jelly
My Husband will use Honey butter.
Cinnamon and Sugar is always good.
My Bread is now in the oven and turning golden brown.
My 10 minutes at 400 degrees is finished.
I now turn the oven down to 350 degrees for the rest of baking time.
Cover the top with foil…..if they are getting too dark.
It won’t hurt a thing.

When baking time is finished,
Remove from the pans
Rest on a Wire rack to cool.

Here is the Recipe
I halfed this recipe today, and made 2 large loaves of bread, and 20 scones.
If you want to make the full recipe, you will get:
4 Big loaves and 2 little loaves of bread.
You can reserve some of the dough for scones, and make loaves of bread as well!
(I used fast rise yeast, but you can use regular yeast)
3/4 Cup  very Warm Water
1 tsp. Sugar
Mix above mixture together in a medium size bowl, and let yeast rise.
Mix together:
4 Cups Warm Water
1 cup Powdered Milk
2 Tablespoons Salt
1 Cup Crisco Oil
4 eggs beaten
1/2 Cup Sugar
Add above mixture to Large bowl or Kitchen Aid with Dough Hook
about 7 cups of flour
Mix together until well blended, the dough will still be sticky.
the yeast that has risen beautifully
Remaining flour
The recipe calls for 15 cups of flour.
You have already added 7 cups………. 15 – 7 = 8 cups left to add.
Keep in mind, that if you are kneading the flour in by hand
using a mixer
Your flour amount will differ slightly.
I rarely follow the flour recipe measurement. It will be pretty close though.
You dough is ready, when it starts to clean away from the sides of your bowl.
It will be soft, but not sticky!
Form in loaf pans, or follow picture instructions for scones.
Bake Bread at:
400 degrees for 10 minutes.
Turn the oven down to 350 degrees
and bake another 15 to 20 minutes
(lay a piece of foil over the top of the loaves if it is getting too brown)
or another trick:
 When bread is golden brown on the top and the bottom
 tap the top of the loaf of bread, is it sounds hollow.
It is done!
Remove immediately from pans
Cool on Wire racks
I’m making Chili for tonight dinner,
and will serve the hot scones.
Check tomorrow for the post!

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  • Christina - 10/03/2010 - 6:22 pm

    This made the most amazing bread! My husband loved it too. Thanks so much for this, it’s going into my favorites.