FRIED RICE & HAM – a family favorite

I don’t have an official recipe for this, but our family enjoys it.

It is quick and easy!

This recipe will serve 6 people…use less rice for a smaller crowd.

For 4 people – 2 cups rice – 2 cups water

3 cups Kraft Minute – White or Brown Rice
3 cups water.
Bring water to a boil, stir in rice; cover. Remove pan from heat.
Let stand 5 minutes (covered), or until water is absorbed. Fluff with a fork.
2 cups cubed ham.
(I just buy a nice pkg of lean sliced ham, and cut it up)
1 Teaspoon Onion power
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
Place a large skillet over medium heat, and melt 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. Toss your ham pieces into the hot butter. Now season the ham with onion powder and Brown sugar…stir constantly while the ham browns a little.
Push these ingredients to the back of the pan, and add a little more margarine to your skillet. Next you will need:
3 Eggs….scrambled.
Crack your eggs into the pan, and stir the egg until fluffy. Continue to let cook, stirring every now and then. You want your eggs to be the consistency of scrambled eggs. Once the eggs are
done, stir in with the browned ham.
Now your RICE should be done.
Toss it with a fork, and make sure all the water has been absorbed.
Add all the rice to your skillet.
Toss everything together.
Now I add a little more onion power, Salt and Pepper, and sprinkle about
1 Tablespoon of Brown sugar over the top of the rice.
Continue to heat on low, while the rice browns slightly.

*you may add snow peas, bacon, brocolli, soy sauce or anything else you would like*