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Do you know how many copycat Chili’s Salsa recipes there are available, with the click of a mouse?


I’ve tried at least fifty of them. True story. Seriously . . . Chili’s restaurant has to be laughing at all of us. Can I be bold enough to say, that I think this one is the closest? Heck yes!


It’s hot.

When it’s hot, my appetite decreases and I find it hard to cook or bake. I purposely try to make “lighter” meals in the summertime, because my hubbie and I RUN together. Not always an easy thing to do. His stride & my stride are two different strides! His legs are at least 6″ longer, so I will just assume that I’m getting the better workout, since my legs stay with his legs. He could run me under the table . . . he just doesn’t dare!


Before you read this post, I should caution you:  Homemade Granola doesn’t taste like the box or the bag!  It’s simply addictive.  Give someone you love a piece of rope, and ask them to “watch you like a hawk!”  If they notice that your arm swings forward each time you walk by a bowl of […]