Bug Adventure Birthday Party!

Recently one of my very clever & talented daughters – Chantri, whom we call Chant, was busy at work planning my little Grandson Hudson’s two year old -birthday party. I’m still at awe at this over the top theme party!  I really don’t understand . . . just how she has the time to pull something like this off.  She is a busy mom of 3, and runs a photography studio, with another very talented photographer named Nicole. Their work is truly beautiful and their business name is True Atelier.  It happens to mean “Artists Work Room.”

Hudson’s nickname happens to be “Buggie” so it seemed quite fitting to have a Bug Adventure themed Party.  It was so darn cute . . . from the invitations, hand stamped Bug T-shirts, messenger bags and delicious party food, that I wanted to share it with my readers.  Some of you with extreme energy could gather some cute ideas for your own over the top parties!  The children attending this party were excited and thrilled to take off on their bug adventure with cute bug jars and magnifying glass in hand hunting for hidden bugs and candy, notepads, crayons and of course candy.  Everything they found was held in hand painted Messenger bags to carry on their shoulders while 16 children “hunted” for bugs.

Trust me . . . it was quite an adventure!

As for the Adults . . . well . . . just look at the food that Chant made.  We just ate and ate and ate!

When the invitations came in the mail, you knew immediately that you were in for a “Bug Hunt!”

The day of the party arrived, the kids were excited to find their name on a messenger bag, which had their hand painted T shirt folded inside. They were all quite excited to put on their shirts!

Here are all the cute bugs…

Refreshments were:

Chocolate Marshmallow Coconut Cream Cheese Mini Cupcakes

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Mini Cupcakes

Fruit Kabobs

Sugar Cookies decorated with Royal Frosting

Pudding Dirt Cups

Apple Juice- Juice boxes

One of the fun activities was to decorate a ladybug or bumble bee bug jar. Purchased HERE.

Messenger bags were purchased HERE

Bug Stencils purchased HERE and Screen Kit purchased HERE

For the bug hunt Chantri wanted the bugs to match the t’s and messenger bags so she stenciled the bugs, yet again, on foam board that she had cut into 6X6 squares.

To make the girls shirts just a bit more feminine– polka dot ribbon was used to tie up the sleeves!

The collection of plastic bugs Chant purchased HERE and magnifying glasses she purchased HERE.

And when the party was over, Bubblegum Clothes-Pin Butterflies were the party favors! Chant will share the Tutorial on her fabulous blog soon!

All in all ‘Buggie’ had a fantastic birthday party.  I’m not sure this little 2 year old will remember his special day, but the rest of us sure will.  Thanks Chant for all of your hard work.

You are amazing!

Make sure you visit True Atelier and True Atelier Blog.  They share some amazing photography tutorials, recipes, free action sets and much more.  Oh to be young & talented!