Brownie Waffles with Whipped Cream & Strawberries


You can eat them for breakfast.  You can eat them for lunch.  You can eat them for dinner.  I just thought you should be aware of that!

You either LOVE them or HATE them. Personally, I think if you’re a brownie hater it’s because you haven’t found a good recipe. I tend to like all brownies, but my favorite are the gooey fudgy, chewy brownies.

Our favorite recipe . . . hands down is . . . the well known Katharine Hepburn Brownie that circulate the hemisphere. Everyone has put their own little spin on it.  This brownie is perfect in my world. As long as I load it with walnuts, it’s perfect in my husbands world as well.  That does not happen very often, when we are talking s-w-e-e-t-s.


You’ve seen me make hash browns in my waffle iron . . . Oh yes I do!

See.  I make these often, because they are Low fat. You really should try Waffle Iron Fries soon.


Brownies in a waffle iron are quite fabulous as well. Dangerous. You know the edges that everyone fights for? Well . . . you get the point!


Each little well in my waffle iron takes 1/2 cup of batter. I can set this iron to Chocolate, but I do believe that most any waffle iron will do. Just watch it closely. Start with one!  I didn’t grease the wells, since it’s non-stick. If your waffle iron isn’t the non-stick plates . . . make sure to grease with cooking spray first. I found that it takes about the same amount of time, that a belgian type waffle takes to cook. It’s hard to tell you exactly how long your brownie waffle will take, because we don’t all have the same waffle iron. Do a test waffle first!


Important Note:  To make the brownie waffle easier to remove, they need to cool a minute or two in your waffle iron. It makes for easy removal.

Make sure after the waffles are done, turn your waffle iron OFF. LET THE BROWNIE COOL SLIGHTLY. Now remove the brownie waffle from the waffle iron and place it on a wire rack to finish cooling.

I only made two waffles.  I’m the only one home in the middle of the day.  If I had made four . . . I would have been tempted to eat four.  Oh yes!

I ate two . . . then had to run.  Ran some more . . . and some more. Still running.


If you want to make them pretty & over the top delicious . . . just whip some cream and sweeten that cream with granulated or confectioners sugar and a touch of vanilla.

Put the whipped cream in a pastry bag with a pretty tip, and pipe some pretty rows between the brownies. Place some sliced berries and chopped nuts on the top.

Turn from side to side and make sure that nobody is watching.  Eat, and enjoy every dang bite!

Make some Waffle Brownies today, or if waffles just aren’t your thing, you can make Rocky Road Brownies.


This is the best Brownie recipe!




  • Kara - 06/20/2014 - 10:35 pm

    I had no idea…add these to the cinnamon roll waffles, and the whole family will be in heaven! What type of waffle maker do you have?ReplyCancel

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar - 06/22/2014 - 9:17 am

    I’m a huge brownie lover! This is such a cool waffle idea!ReplyCancel

  • Staci - 07/01/2014 - 2:11 pm

    Did you use the Katherine Hepburn brownie recipe ? These look sooo yummy. We love the Hepburn recipe.ReplyCancel