This is an awesome list of Cake Recipes, that also has been circulating around through emails. Maybe you have already obtained this marvelous list, if not I hope you enjoy hours of browsing. The links will also take you to If they are the creators of all these cake recipes, we Thank You!

 A Cake That’s Fit For A Queen
 Amaretto Italian Sour Cream Cake
 Amazing Tropical Fruit Cake
 Apple and Nut Cake
 Apple Cake Apple Cake
 Apple Sauce Cake
Applesauce Fruitcake
 Apricot Nectar Pound Cake
 Baby Cheescakes
 Banana Cake
 Barron Family Cheesecake
Baumtorte (Tree Cake)
Becky’s Pumpkin Cupcakes Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Broken Angel Cake With Chocolate Chips Candied Fruit Cake Carmel Coffee Cake Carrot Cake with Hot Glaze Carrot-Pineapple Cake Cherry Cake Cherry Cake Sauce Cherry Cheesecake Cups Cherry-Pineapple Dump Cake Chocolate Angel Food Chocolate Browny Cake Chocolate Chip Muffins Chocolate Cookie Sheet Cake Chocolat e Éclair Cake Chocolate Ice Box Dessert Chocolate Logs Chocolate Lovers Heaven Triple Threat Chocolate Di Chocolate Sheet Cake Chocolate welington fudge pudding Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cake Christmas Cake Christmas choclate cake Christmas Mixed Glace Fruit Loaf Christmas-Comes-But-Once-A-Year-Chocolate Cake Cinnamon Morning Delight Coca-Cola Cake Coconut Cake Cookie Pizza Cream Cheese Pound Cake Cream Puff Cake Creamy Chocolate Cupcakes Creamy Chocolate Layered Cake Decadent Chocolate Cake Decadent Fudge Cake Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars Dream Cake Dreamcicle Cake Drizzle Cake Earthquake Cake Easy Cocoa Snack Cake Easy Coconut Cake Éclair Cake Edie Ching’s Cherry Cheesecake Eggnog Cake Extra Moist Coconut Cakes Festive Pumpkin Gingerbread Flower Garden Cake Fruit Cake Fruit Cocktail Cake German Chocolate Upside-Down Cake Golden Bacardi Rum Cake Gooey Butter Cake Gum drop cake Heavenly Pecan Cake Hedge Hog Cake Holiday Cake Holiday Poke Cake Holiday Rum Cake Honey Bun Cake Honey Cake Hot Fudge Pudding Cake Hummingbird Cake Ice-Cream Chocolate Roll Jewish Apple Cake Johnny Appleseed Cake Lemon Cake Lemon Poppyseed Cakes Lemon Pound Cake Linda’s Yule Log Mama’s Homemade Banana Cake Mandy’s Cake Microwave Scottish Pudding Mini Fruitcakes Miniature Cheesecakes Mississippi Fudge Cake Mississippi Mud Mock Lemon Meringue Cake Neiman Marcus Cake No Bake Fruit Cake Norwegian Gold Cake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake Old Fashion Pound Cake Old Fashioned Light Fruitcake Orange Date-Nut Cake Orange Slice Cake Oreo Cheesecake Peanut-Topped Devil’s Food Pecan Icing Pennsylvania Dutch Pastry Pineapple Heaven Plum-Nut Cake Pound Cake Pound Cake Pumpkin Cake Roll Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin log Pumpkin Nut Roll Pumpkin Pie Cake Pumpkin Roll Queen’s Cake Red Velvet Cake Reese`s white cake Reese’s Brownie Cupcakes Refrigerator Chocolate Cheesecake Russian Tea Cakes Russian Teacakes Santa’s Breakfast Cake Self-Filled Cupcakes Shirley’s Chocolate Sheet Cake Sour Cream Coffee Cake Sour Cream Pound Cake Southern Apple Cake Swedish Nut Cake Tiny Christmas Fruitcakes Toll House Carrot Cake Triple Chocolate Torte Turtle Bars Turtle Cake Warcake Watergate Cake White Christmas Loaf World War I Cake World War II Cake