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Orange Coconut Pull-Apart Bread

Winter does give us a few perks. I believe that we don’t need to stress out quite as much, when it comes to our wardrobe.

1. We can just throw on a nice winter coat & a stylish pair of boots and we are set.

2. Toes don’t need to look perfect . . . nobody sees them.

3. Legs aren’t shaved quite as often, and we don’t seem to care.

Lastly . . . for me . . . the best perk of winter . . . a husband who is home earlier in the evening. Summer seems to kidnap him and forces him to work 16 hours a day. I have to be careful not to let myself sing the summer b-l-u-e-s. If you are or have been a farmers wife, then you can also relate to this feeling.

Dancing with a little pre- summer b-l-u-e-s . . . what should you do?

Make Orange rolls or Orange Coconut Pull-Apart Bread!


Blueberry Waffles from Scratch

In this house, we like really superb, crisp, fluffy waffles. This recipe is a five-star perfect waffle. You can make beautiful, vanilla flavored waffles from scratch in just minutes. Tonight, we’re having waffles for dinner!


Prize Winning Sweet Cornmeal Muffins

Lately, my mouth has been on the sore side.  I’ve spent more time in the dentist chair than in the kitchen. If you’ve ever had an implant, then you know what I’m talking about. Soon, it’s coming to an end, and I’m very happy about that. Oh the price of trying to look pretty. Trust […]


Top 20+ recipes in 2013

Hello 2014! Thank you, for making this blog a happy space for me. Thank you for letting me into your kitchens and sharing glimpses of your life. Below are the 20+ most popular, most pinned posts of 2013.